Two Hours Traffic

'Foolish Blood' (album stream)

> > Feb 11 2013

Two Hours Traffic - 'Foolish Blood' (album stream)
By Cristian FerraraOn February 19, Charlottetown, PEI indie rock mainstays Two Hours Traffic will drop their fourth album, Foolish Blood. Fans won't have to wait until then to hear the album, though; it's streaming now at in its entirety.

The album signifies a lot of changes for the band, one of which was the departure of their previous guitarist Alec O'Hanley, allowing former member Andrew MacDonald to fill his place. The band also hired Nathan Gill as their new bassist, which caused them to develop a more rhythm-centric songwriting style.

To reflect this change in sound, the band opted to hire Darryl Neudorf as their new producer instead of hiring their long-time collaborator Joel Plaskett to man the boards. During the intense two-week recording session, Neudorf managed to catch Two Hours Traffic's raw energy and combine that with his vibrant production. The album also features guest appearances by Dan Griffin of the Arkells and pedal steel guitar player Dale Murray.

Following last year's Siren Spell EP, Foolish Blood delivers the minimalist catchy pop sound the band are renowned for. And you can hear it for yourself below.

Foolish Blood will be released on Bumstead Records. In support of the record, the band will be heading out on a big North American tour, whose dates you can check out here.

You can pre-order the album here.

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so good!
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Never disappointed with the good ol' Island boys. Great job fellas. Looking forward to picking this one up next week.
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