The Tom Fun Orchestra

'Earthworm Heart' (album stream)

> > Oct 15 2012

The Tom Fun Orchestra - 'Earthworm Heart' (album stream)
By Sarah MurphyIan MacDougall and his band of merry Cape Breton musicians in the Tom Fun Orchestra are set return with their long-awaited sophomore album Earthworm Heart on November 13, but you can listen to it right here, right now.

Following up 2008's You Will Land With a Thud, the new album marks some growth for the East Coast ensemble. Having toured extensively across Canada, as well as the UK, Ireland and Australia, the band have fine-tuned their craft.

In a tongue-in-cheek press release, Tom Fun Orchestra describe their first album's sound as a "full throttle onslaught," but note that the new material has been refined to "leaner, tougher compositions with particular attention paid to finding the appropriate arrangements for each song."

They go on to warn that Earthworm Heart "produces diverse physical reactions from the listener, including uncontrollable hip wiggling, fist pumping, jumping and guzzling." So, clear your immediate surroundings and grab something to guzzle before hitting play below.

In support of the album, Tom Fun Orchestra will be heading out on a lengthy Canadian tour, heading all the way out to the West Coast and back again. You can see the entire schedule here.

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dont get much better then this right here
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this is real good.
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This makes me happy :))
2 Replies
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Very nice!
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super like!
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YEaaaaah. Makes me want to dance but I'm too old.
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makes me want to move back home to CB
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take a pick axe to the morning break into the dayy..luv it
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listened to this album at least 60 times , looking forward to buying it at one of your many Bc concerts..
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For those of us who are living away, both by choice and by circumstance, this album is a breath of fresh Cape Breton air. I loved "You Will Land with a Thud", there are still songs on my ipod from the album to this very day. I expect some of the entries from earthworm heart will be with me for at least as long if not forever. Keep on hammerin away folks 'cause we're all pullin for ya. See you in Calgary!
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