Tegan and Sara

'Heartthrob' (album stream)

> > Jan 24 2013

Tegan and Sara - 'Heartthrob' (album stream)
By Nicole RuggieroAs previously reported, indie pop duo Tegan and Sara's much anticipated forthcoming album, Heartthrob, isn't due from Warner Bros until January 29. However, there's good news for those dedicated fans who can't wait until it hits the shelves: Exclaim! is streaming the full album starting today.

The sister duo have been slowly revealing details surrounding the album, and they released two tracks to tease its release. The singles evince the new, synth-y direction Tegan and Sara have taken on Heartthrob, which swaps the girls' usual straightforward guitar-based sound for more atmosphere and an overall '80s pop vibe.

Read an exclusive Tegan and Sara interview here.

Jam Heartthrob below.

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what is this crap
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my mom won't mind this
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This is AWESOME! Another killer record from Tegan and Sara! Fan forever it's nice when artists don't pidgeon hole themselves and just create! Thanks you two!
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I doubt they would like me and they might see me as a stereotype
much like they are

but hell they just so good at this music its painfull
Canadaduh take notice
its all in the SONG
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Color me disappointed. I keep hoping they'll go in a more acoustic direction, and they keep doing the opposite. Oh, well... At least I have 'Get Along' to tide me by.
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