Swizz Beatz

"Skyscrapers" (video snippet) (ft. Bono & Kanye West)

> > Dec 07 2012

Swizz Beatz - "Skyscrapers" (video snippet) (ft. Bono & Kanye West)
By Gregory AdamsProducer Swizz Beatz is apparently putting together some new tunes for an album, and he's just let us in on the process by posting a super lo-fi studio vid to promote an upcoming track called "Skyscrapers."

The ultra-distorted audio in the YouTube clip showcases a bouncy beat and a smoothly sung hook, which Swizz informs us is sung by U2's Bono. Apparently the song also features Kanye West and features the lyric "I seen coal turn to diamonds" on the hook, but we're going to have to take Swizz's word on it.

There's no ETA on when we'll hear the song in full, or when the next LP arrives, but according to Beatz, "the album is crazy."

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