"Torn Apart" (video)

> > Nov 06 2012

Strife - "Torn Apart" (video)
By Gregory AdamsIt's been over 11 years since L.A. hardcore toughies Strifeáissued their third LP, Angermeans, but today (November 6) marks the band's return. Witness a Rebirth is the name of their current album, and you can sample the fast and furious first single "Torn Apart" in the video down below.

Despite the apparently game-changing album title, the band still find their milieu with punched-up polka beats, metallic chugging and Rick Rodney's thick-throated rage-outs. That said, the vocalist is looking a little beardier than he did back in the '90s.

For anyone that still practises their donkey kicks at home while spinning a copy of In This Defiance, or for anyone that has a "One Truth" chest piece — bookended with X's, obviously — this clearly won't be a problem at all. Witness the California takeover all over again.

Witness a Rebirth is available through 6131 Records.

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