Steve Hauschildt

"Constant Reminders"

> > Nov 07 2012

Steve Hauschildt - "Constant Reminders"
By Gregory AdamsAlong with his buddies in Emeralds, Steve Hauschildt put out the Just to Feel Anything LP this week, but he's hitting November hard with a solo set too. As previously reported, his own Sequitur arrives November 12 through Kranky, and he's offering up another track before that release date. This time it's a song called "Constant Reminders," and you can check the '80s-inflected number down below.

The song has an electro pulse, with wiry synth-bass lines wriggling between a gossamer cloud of keyboards. Through a robotic talkbox, Hauschildt opines over and over of someone special, "Yes, I'm constantly reminded of you."

You can download or stream the dreamy number down below.

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