St. Vincent

"Cheerleader" (video)

> > Feb 07 2012

St. Vincent - "Cheerleader" (video)
By Gregory AdamsYesterday (February 6), we caught a glimpse of forward-thinking indie pop songsmith St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) flexing her comedy skills while modelling unique cop uniforms on Portlandia, but the musician seemingly objects to being ogled in her new clip for Strange Mercy stunner "Cheerleader."

As you can see in the Hiro Murai-helmed video below, Clark is presented as a monstrously huge piece of art ready to be hanged for a crowd off upper crust Lilliputians, but it's not long before she rips out some fixtures and tries to storm out of the gallery.

In perhaps a nod to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, just after Clark stomps through the scene in her big high-heels, the director throws in a jump cut to a tremor-affected cup of water. The attempted escape, however, is all for naught, as demonstrated by the video's crushing finale. Maybe life in the public eye isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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