"People Piss Me Off" (Prod. by Loden)

> > Mar 28 2013

Sole - "People Piss Me Off" (Prod. by Loden)
By Alan RantaThe late prophet Bill Hicks used to joke about forming a People Who Hate People Party ("Come to our meeting! 'Are you gonna be there?' Yeah. 'Then I ain't fucking coming.' But you're our strongest member! 'Fuck you!' That's what I'm talking about, you asshole!"). Well, if such a party were logistically possible, it would now have a theme song.

No, Sole's "People Piss Me Off" is not an attack on such obvious targets as the knuckle-dragging gun nuts and Fox News-following capitalists. Rather, aside from the police, it's an even ballsier barb aimed at the annoying traits of some of Tim "Sole" Holland's target demographics.

As it says on his SoundCloud, this track is intended as a "tongue in cheek assault on everything from phony revolutionaries, electronic artists, pot activists, bullshit rappers, Facebook, journalists, fame & of course the police."

That may appear as if he's biting the hand that feeds him, but that chutzpah is the precise reason why the Anticon co-founding revolutionary still has such fervent loyalists. Taken from his upcoming full-length, No Wising Up No Settling Down, due out May 1 on his own Black Canyon Music imprint, "People Piss Me Off" sees Sole at the top of his game.

Touted as his fifth proper studio album, not counting his three with the Skyrider Band, No Wising Up No Settling Down collects beats and rhymes from Gold Panda, Hood Internet, Dosh, Ceschi Ramos, Man Mantis, Skyrider, Cars & Trains, and more. "People Piss Me Off" itself is set over a brick-dropping beat by Mush Records wunderkind Loden, matching the menace of Sole's words in its sound.

You can stream/download said track below.

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