Small Brown Bike

"In Need of Everything"

> > Mar 07 2011

Small Brown Bike - "In Need of Everything"
By Gregory AdamsLong-running melodic post-punks Small Brown Bike are back with a vengeance. Though the band got back together in 2009 after a five-year break, they're just about to release their first full-length in eight years, following 2003's The River Bed.

The new disc Fell & Found -- the first recorded by the band's original lineup since 1999's Our Own Wars -- will be released April 26 on No Idea and features the same kind of overdriven yet heart-tugging punk tunes that endeared the band to many. But while the album still plays rough and tumble in spots, some tracks find them a little tender.

Between the lilting, picked six-strings, some slide guitar work and the slow-mo drums of "In Need of Everything," the band get close to emo balladry, but the propulsive thud and crunchy guitar chords of its chorus still retain the group's signature style.

Check it out for yourself below and get set for Fell & Found on April 26.

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Can't come soon enough
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I'm a nameless poseur.
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Calling me a nameless poseur still doesn't make me want to register to the website, yo.
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I love this song so much. My love affair with this band has been going on for over a decade now. No end in sight.
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Is Chicago the only date planned so far? This was one of first bands that I really got into, but never saw a live show.

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please come to new york!
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come to michigans hat.. ontario!
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I like the Composite EP's, just started listening to the new songs. i really, Really liked the direction they were going in with The River Bed and the Nail Yourself To The Ground EP. So glad this band got back together...maybe I can finally see them live if they come to Philly.
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My name is elton cransworth. I eat centipedes and poop myself
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