Slam Dunk

'Welcome to Miami' (album stream)

> > Nov 06 2012

Slam Dunk - 'Welcome to Miami' (album stream)
By Gregory AdamsAs previously promised, Victoria, BC troupe Slam Dunk are bringing their fiery, retro-minded rockers to the File Under: Music imprint for their upcoming sophomore effort Welcome to Miami. The Vancouver Island outfit don't actually deliver the album until November 13, but you can stream the whole thing now courtesy of Exclaim!

As a press release puts it, the 10-song follow-up to 2011's The Shivers, brings on "manic saxophone freak-out psychedelia, backwoods howling and the occasional splash of minimalism." Highlights include the soulful opener "Can't Stand It," which starts with a slowly swung rhythm but ultimately explodes into a raucous, rabble-rousing party pumper; the jumped-up juke-joint howler "Scabies"; and the cranked-up spaghetti-western rumble of "Horse Bumper."

Slam Dunk are arguably best experienced in the flesh, but until their next tour is announced, you can check out the stream down below. So press play, toss your shoes away and start a sweaty sock-hop in the comfort of your own home.

UPDATE: Slam Dunk have also started rolling out some new Canadian tour dates, including Vancouver on November 15 and Victoria on December 9.

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best vancouver release of the year
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From Victoria.
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no they are drom hotmail
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best live band in the city!
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Thats sivising
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