The Sheepdogs

'The Sheepdogs' (album stream)

> > Aug 28 2012

The Sheepdogs - 'The Sheepdogs' (album stream)
By Exclaim! StaffIf you've been itching to hear what the Sheepdogs have cooked up for their new Patrick Carney-produced full-length, here you go. In the lead-up to the self-titled record's September 4 due date, the Saskatoon retro rock unit have offered up a full album stream.

Down below you can check out the stream and make up your own mind about if this is a great additional to the Canadian rock landscape or something it would be better off without.

As previously reported, The Sheepdogs arrives via Atlantic Records/Warner Music Canada.

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Second half is way better. the first half sounds like a shitty sheepdogs knockoff. Second half is much more genuine.
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Tyler I have to disagree my man.. I'm all about the first half.. songs are so positive and upbeat
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Just a great album to throw on at any party!
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Alright Ok is an instant classic!
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Song #2 "Feeling Good" is a Black Keys song... Just terrible... Everything about it is a black keys rip off, I know Pat Carney produced, but come on...
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John apparently you haven't listened to any previous albums by The Sheepdogs and certainly haven't listened to The Black Keys. Completely different styles of music
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