"Nobody's Business" (ft. Chris Brown)

> > Nov 15 2012

Rihanna - "Nobody's Business" (ft. Chris Brown)
By Alex HudsonIn 2012, we've been subjected to an endless barrage of speculation and controversy about the status of Rihanna's relationship with her abusive ex Chris Brown. Adding fuel to the fire, the two have teamed up on a track from Rihanna's upcoming album, Unapologetic.

"Nobody's Business" is a peppy tune that's laced with '80s-esque hooks and MIDI-sounding piano plunks. With lovestruck lyrics that claim, "I want to make you mine / And it ain't nobody's business / Just mine and my baby," it's easy to read this one as being about Rihanna's tumultuous and insanely publicized relationship with Brown.

Unapologetic is out on November 19 through Universal.

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Like the song. However, if a man/boy beat me down/up guaranteed I personally would not be making a track with that person! But it 'ain't my business!" Wondering what the little princesses of the world think? Hmmmm....
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