Rah Rah

'The Poet's Dead' (album stream)

> > Oct 02 2012

Rah Rah - 'The Poet's Dead' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonIn recent years, Rah Rah have emerged as one of Canada's most promising Prairie bands, and now they're getting ready to drop their latest full-length. Entitled The Poet's Dead, it will be released digitally today (October 2) through Hidden Pony Records, with a physical release following on October 23. And right now, you can stream the record in its entirety at Exclaim.ca.

The disc was produced by the studio team of Gus Van Go and Werner F (the Stills, Hollerado, Priestess) in fall 2011. According to a press release, the sessions found Rah Rah "[fine-tuning] the essence of the band."

The band's Erin Passmore said in a statement, "Recording with Gus and Werner was one of the most rewarding challenges I've ever been a part of. They understood how and when exactly to push us and I'm so proud of what we've been able to create with their help and guidance."

The 10 songs contain all the hallmarks of classic Rah Rah. Brisk opener "Art and a Wife" channels Neil Young at his most rocking, while "Dead Man" features a diverse arrangement of strings and group vocals, and "I'm a Killer" boasts retro-sounding electronic textures. There is also plenty of interplay between lead vocalists Marshall Burns and Passmore.

Taken a listen to The Poet's Dead for yourself below.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.
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