Rae Spoon

'I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets' (album stream)

> > Jan 03 2012

Rae Spoon - 'I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonSinger-songwriter Rae Spoon has turned some heads in the music scene with his last couple of albums, which have found the troubadour shifting from his original country style into increasingly electronic-based pop. There are plenty of folks who are excited to hear where he will take his sound next, and you can now satisfy your curiosity, since I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets will be streaming all week here at Exclaim.ca.

The album was made with input from electro whizzes Alex Decoupigny and Lynne T (aka Fruity Frankie of Montreal's Lesbians on Ecstasy). Much of it was composed using a computer and showcases a dance-floor-friendly sound.

"I know that, in an album exploring electronic music, I'm not going to be the strongest person technically, because it's not what I've been doing for the last ten years," Spoon recently told Exclaim! "I thought that songwriting and singing is what I could bring to it. I haven't heard a lot of folk song-type electronic songs, so I was trying to bring the two together."

Get a taste of Spoon's blend of folk songwriting and electro adrenaline below. The album officially drops on January 10 via Saved by Radio.

As previously reported, Spoon will be supporting the album with a North American tour that comes packed with Canadian dates. You can see the schedule here.

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