PS I Love You

"Death Dreams - The Soundtrack"

> > Dec 21 2012

PS I Love You - "Death Dreams - The Soundtrack"
By Alex HudsonPS I Love You released Death Dreams back in spring of this year, and now they're rounding out 2012 with a very creepy reworking of the album's two instrumental title tracks.

Memory Device (aka Kingston, ON sound artist Matt Rogalsky, who has produced both of PS I Love You's albums) combined elements of the two tracks with field recordings to create a 12-minute soundscape called "Death Dreams - The Soundtrack." It's a chilling collage of amp feedback and cymbals, and you won't be able to identify the exact source of most of the noises, although there are some recognizable guitar licks from part one of "Death Dreams."

And considering that today is the end of the world, after all, this couldn't have been timed any better.

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