'Failed States' (album stream)

> > Aug 27 2012

Propagandhi - 'Failed States' (album stream)
By Exclaim! StaffWell, here you go: Propagandhi have shared their entire Failed States, which you can listen to online now.

Over here, you can stream the album on Facebook, as well as check it out below.

As previously reported, Failed States drops September 4 through Epitaph, and the band will be travelling around North America throughout the fall.

For now, dig into the album.

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This album is fantastic!
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this is epic
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Didnt listen to everything yet but Rattan Cane and Cognitive Suicide were unreal
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DAMN. So good.
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They get better with every album, so far this is blowing my mind. I'm only two songs in but so far it sounds like a natural evolution from Supporting Caste.
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I'll be getting this on vinyl for sure!!!
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Yes Yes Yes. Prop is killing it.
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This is making my nipples hard
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Now that is cool album art!
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Insta boner. Last of the true great politi punk bands that haven't sold out.
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"Things I like" feat. Wab Kinew!

real good.
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seen these guys numerous times and they never fail to fucking rock, one of if not the best prog thrash / punk bands ever bar fucking none!!!!!
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Shit a brick.
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Hahaha, dette er kva ein kallar ekte visesang...
Eg plar å jokke på snipene til denne plata.
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As always. Great musicians. Excellent lyrics. This rips. Thanks again for providing us all with something we can blast out loud and do the odd tail wips.
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This band, wow. They keep moving forward and progressing, but you always KNOW its Propagandhi
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