Pig Destroyer

"Burning Palm" (lyric video)

> > Sep 13 2012

Pig Destroyer - "Burning Palm" (lyric video)
By Gregory AdamsLast month, noisy grinders Pig Destroyer teased their new album Book Burner with a snippet-sporting trailer, but the brutal unit have now offered up a song in full. It's titled "Burning Palm," and you can check the track, as well as its somewhat disturbing lyric vid, down below.

The band lovingly blast through the first half of the song with jackhammer snare poundings, six-string shredding and oozing vocal discharges, but they wind through a number of decidedly more moshy grooves by song's end.

As for the visuals, at first we see an airborne pussy cat pissing/bleeding into some sort of chalice, and later a grinning girl gleefully hucks herself off the top of a building as vocalist J.R. Hayes gargles out, "I am indomitable". It'd be somewhat inspiring, if the juxtaposition weren't so ghoulishly grim.

As previously reported, Book Burner drops October 22 via Relapse.

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