Pet Shop Boys

"Vocal" (video)

> > Jun 18 2013

Pet Shop Boys - "Vocal" (video)
By Alex HudsonSynth-pop vets the Pet Shop Boys recently gave us a taste of their dancefloor-oriented album Electric with the song "Vocal," and now that single has got its own music video.

The video complements the song's celebratory mood with archival footage from late-'80s dance parties and even shots from the iconic club the Hašienda in Manchester. The band explained in a statement, "The video (and the song) was inspired by the way British youth at this time found its own freedom with a new culture epitomised by dance music and raves."

Join the party below. Electric is out on July 15 through the band's own x2 imprint, which is a subsidiary of Kobalt Label Services.

As previously reported, Pet Shop Boys have a massive tour now underway, and it includes some Canadian stops. See the schedule here.

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