Paul Banks

"Young Again" (video)

> > Oct 23 2012

Paul Banks - "Young Again" (video)
By Gregory AdamsPaul Banks lets loose his inner child in the youthful new vid for Banks track "Young Again." At first, you think the Interpol vocalist is dropping a couple of kids off at school, but it turns out he's there for some lessons too. And, jeez, does he seem bummed about it.

Banks tries to sit through a tutor's lecture, gets roughed up in a hallway by some pint-sized bullies, and doesn't even really enjoy his time spent cranking out his sad-sack pop song. His only saving grace is a destructive game of dodge ball, where the gym-strip-sporting musician dominates the floor.

He's relentless, but if you want to see the dude dole out some headshots to a group of six-year-olds, you can check out the massacre down below.

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