'Metal Meets' (album stream)

> > Sep 20 2011

Ohbijou - 'Metal Meets' (album stream)
By Sarah MurphyToronto indie popsters Ohbijou are gearing up for their third album Metal Meets. With the new album due out next week, anticipation is on the rise, but right now you can stream the album on Exclaim.ca.

Known for drawing inspiration from their hometown, Metal Meets sees the band pay homage to experiences from outside the city. Tracks like the first two on the record, "Niagara" and "Echo Bay," make reference to some close-to-home getaways, while "Sligo" may well have been inspired by the group's trips across the pond in Europe.

A press release describes the band's musical growth thusly: "Ohbijou has come of age, and their adulthood is more precocious and imaginative than their youth."

Despite this maturation, the album retains singer Casey Mecija's knack for ethereal love songs while also featuring first-time songwriting credits from bandmate Jennifer Mecija and Ryan Carley.

Along with the new album, you can catch Ohbijou on tour across Canada this fall. You can see all their dates here.

Listen to Metal Meets below. The new LP is out on September 27 via Last Gang Records.

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I'm so proud for Ohbijou 'metal meets' there song are very nice so no comment for them.good luck and more blessings.
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