Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

"We Know Who U R" (video)

> > Jan 04 2013

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "We Know Who U R" (video)
By Gregory AdamsLast month, Nick Cave and the Bad Seedsgave us the first taste of their impending Push the Sky Away when they let loose a stream of album track "We Know Who U R." The sensual, slow-burning tune has now received a murky new video clip.

The Gaspar No-directed vid is a creeper, showcasing nothing but the silhouette of a figure making its way over a forest setting at night. Just as Cave notes on the laid-back flute-and-keyboard arrangement that "the tree don't know what the little bird brings," we're not too sure what the shadowy figure is up to, which kind of creeps us out. Especially since, judging by the tune, he knows who we are.

You can check out the sinister skulk-fest down below.

As previously reported, Push the Sky Away arrives February 18 through the group's own Bad Seed Ltd. They'll also be hitting up North America in March and April, with show stops scheduled in Toronto and Montreal. You can peep the tour dates here.

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