Mount Eerie

"House Shape"

> > Mar 22 2012

Mount Eerie - "House Shape"
By Brock ThiessenLast month, Pacific Northwest songwriting eccentric Phil Elverum revealed he would be returning to his Mount Eerie project for Clear Moon, the first of two planned 2012 full-lengths. While at the time we had no new material to sample, that changed today thanks to the new teaser track "House Shape."

The Clear Moon song marks a definite departure for Mount Eerie, with Elverum ditching the divisive black metalism of 2009's Wind's Poem for a more rhythmic and streamlined aural attack. The press release for Clear Moon told us that classically minded German legends Popol Vuh were a major influence on this new record, and while that's not so apparent with "House Shape," the song does come with a very Krautrocky feel.

You can check out the song for yourself below.

Clear Moon will be released on May 22 via P.W. Elverum and Sun. It will be followed later this year by a "companion album" called Ocean Roar.

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