'METZ' (album stream)

> > Oct 01 2012

METZ - 'METZ' (album stream)
By Gregory AdamsBuzz has been building for the self-titled debut album from Toronto noise-pop troupe METZ ever since Sub Pop announced the platter earlier this year, and we don't just mean the feedback. Though the album's October 9 release date is just around the corner, those looking for a sneak peek in full before the album officially hits retailers can now check it out in a stream through Exclaim!

A press release for the LP claims it's "a return to everything that's good about loud, ecstatic live music," and the band certainly launch into screeching sonic territory. The press sheet further describes the synched-up trio as "one brutally heavy instrument with three heads, slashing heavy-gauge strings, bending guitar and bass necks in weird unison, along with what is probably the loudest drumming ever heard."

Despite the peels of speaker-cone-rupturing six-string distortion, demonically pounded percussion and caustic cries, METZ manage to rustle up some stupidly hummable hooks on their self-titled set, whether on the cyclical cro-magnon bop "The Mule" or the Future of the Left-ish opener "Headache."

You can check it all out down below.

As previously reported, METZ have several upcoming Canadian and U.S. dates, which you can check out here.

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Post your music for comparison J.L These guys fucking rule. They'll blow your tits off live.
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cant wait to see these guys at the horseshoe in a few weeks
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METZ (Toronto, ON)

METZ have come a long way from the humble beginnings playing their first shows in Ottawa basements. They moved to Toronto several years ago and kept building and building into an unstoppable behemoth. Their set at Ottawa Explosion Weekend featured tons of new songs that will finally be unleashed in the form of METZ's debut lp on the legendary SUB POP label.


BIG DICK (Ottawa, ON)

Unstoppable bass and drum duo. From pop melodies to head bangin' thrashers, they've got it all.

$7 advance tickets (available at The Record Shaap, Vertigo and Birdman as of August 25th)
$10 at the door.

Doors 10 pm.

The party continues after the show with NIGHT MOVES, a new monthly dance party happening the first Saturday of ever month!
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Ridiculous amounts of fun! I've only given it one listen so far but this is gonna be up there for me with The Men and Cloud Nothings in my noisy guitar category this year.
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Sounds like Nirvana
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These guys are amazing live. So loud they'll shake your insides.
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Holy fuck this is awesome
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I can already tell that this is going to be my favourite album of the year.
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Great record. Reminds me of Fire Engines meets Nirvana.
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Easily the best band in toronto
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They're good at what they do, but what they do has been done before, in more musically interesting ways. Anyone remember Sick Lipstick?
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are you serious? this doesnt sound anything close to sick lipstick.
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Over-rated! clap clap clap clap clap Over-rated!
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If you don't like it don't listen and quit your bitchin. There is a world of music out there g ind something you like and quit pissing on someone elses parade.
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