The Melvins

"The War on Wisdom" (video)

> > Mar 13 2012

The Melvins - "The War on Wisdom" (video)
By Gregory AdamsLong-running sludgesters the Melvins dropped their new EP The Bulls and the Bees for free today (March 13) through Scion A/V, but the troupe are also celebrating the release with a video for lead-off track "The War on Wisdom."

Like much of the Melvins' recent work, the song itself powers along on fretboard-scouring guitar runs and thudded double-drummer tactics. But rather than watch the vets dish out the ditty, the video presents a pint-sized version of the act jamming in the garage.

Aside from the performance shots, though, the camo-clad kiddies take to their middle school with some Super Soakers in tow, ready to dish out some young justice. You can catch the action down below, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

Also, you can download The Bulls and the Bees here.

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