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> > Nov 09 2007

Magic Weapon - "Sandstorms"
By Cam LindsayMontreal’s music scene is as incestuous as a hillbilly family reunion, but unlike the depraved/deformed families in The Hills Have Eyes or that really creepy episode of The X-Files (you know the one), these familial activities continue to produce glowing results. Magic Weapon are certainly one of the city’s next obsessions for bloggers, boasting a line-up that dips its toes into popular indie faves like Sunset Rubdown, Shapes and Sizes, Think About Life and Miracle Fortress, who are all in turn made up of other band members — it never ends! Every bit the sum of the members’ full-time jobs, Magic Weapon get their zing from main man Jordan Robson Cramer, who splits the other two-thirds of his time in both Miracle Fortress and Sunset Rubdown and it shows. The swirling dream pop of the former clashes ecstatically with the latter’s cacophonous distortion and absurd arrangements, while Cramer establishes himself as the next great awkward singer with a voice that will allure the indie nation and likely bother everyone else. Taken from their brand spankin’ new EP, Residue Hymns, "Sandstorms” is a rollicking blast of undulating synths, flaming fret board chases and best of all, a rainbow of harmonic wonders. As they say, incest is best — especially in the 5-1-4.

Click here to listen to "Sandstorm” and order yourself a copy of Residue Hymns.
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