"Runaway" (video)

> > Sep 12 2012

Madchild - "Runaway" (video)
By Tiana FengCanadian hip-hop artist Madchild (of Swollen Members fame) has released a video for "Runaway," the latest single from his debut solo record Dope Sick.

The video for "Runaway" is inspired by Madchild's battle with addiction and illustrates the scary outcomes of drug abuse. The atmosphere of the video is dark, following a small child as he wanders through a drug-torn institution. The video ends with him walking into the bright lights. Dope Sick is a symbolic album for Madchild, who sports some pretty freaky zombie makeup in the vid, and through it he has confronted some of the dark demons from his past. 

As previously reported, Madchild is currently on a tour this September with Tech N9ne. Check out the dates here, and watch the video below.

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