Luke Lalonde

'Rhythymnals' (album stream)

> > Oct 23 2012

Luke Lalonde - 'Rhythymnals' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonLuke Lalonde keeps up a busy schedule as the frontman of Born Ruffians, but the songwriter has found the time to prep a solo album under his own name. Rhythymnals is due out October 30 through Paper Bag, and you can now stream the whole thing in advance of its official in-store release.

The collection was largely recorded at various homes in Toronto and Montreal between 2010 (when Born Ruffians released their last album, Say It) and 2012. Additional sessions took place with Roger Leavens (the Rural Alberta Advantage, Woodhands) at Boombox Sound.

These songs were composed during downtime away from Born Ruffians (who, incidentally, have a new album on the way in 2013). Aside from the odd instrument, Lalonde completed these solo songs largely on his own.

A press release explains, "The 10-track album's theme was originally centred around the notion of sound existing whether we do or not and our unique ability to interpret it and manipulate it. But in the end the album ended up sprawling outward to narratives about gender confused couples, a man who hates his boyish looks so he cuts his face up, long distance relationships and rejection."

Take a listen below.

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so awesome. this could get big
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Sweet business!
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80s in and I know I'm in for something amazing. Luke's the best.
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This IS big
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Love It!!
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Definitely investing in this album once its released.
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Luke, you're about to blow up. This is genius.
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Great!!! Really like this !
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I love Born Ruffians.... So..
Sorry Luke but, you sound like a Backstreet Boy who got his hands on one of those shitty dubstep machines for the first time.
Heard "Undone" live as a simple acoustic song in Toronto earlier this year and went nuts over ho good it was, and now I can't ever listen to it again.
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i completely agree, songs are great but they lost their indie acoustic touch ugh
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first listen! fell in love right away! love this album
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Let's get this thing released in the US. I'm so happy Luke doesen't rely on Born Ruffians to release a killer album!
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Dude this shit is sick.
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