Lana Del Rey

Live on 'SNL'

> > Jan 15 2012

Lana Del Rey - Live on 'SNL'
By Exclaim! StaffCapitalizing on a ridiculously fast rise to fame, U.S. songstress Lana Del Rey made her American late-night debut this weekend, stopping by Saturday Night Live to deliver her tracks "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans."

If you missed the show, you can catch Del Rey belting out both tracks below.

As for Lana Del Rey's proper album debut, Born to Die is due out on January 31 via Interscope.

"Video Games":

"Blue Jeans":
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One of the worst TV performances ever?
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that's a little harsh but she definitely seemed very uncomfortable.
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Skin-crawlingly bad performance. She needs to switch up her team; trade the cosmetic surgeon for a vocal coach.
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Her voice sounds great for the most part. She seems uncomfortable but who wouldn't be performing on SNL for the first time.
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Everything seems perfectly in order here. Carry on.
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You're right on the money there Allison!
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She wasn't ready for this. Interscope should have seasoned her in lower profile venues.
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All this hating is proof that It's a man's world. She is a beauty and she has a beautiful voice. Very natural. Bare bones is too much for this jaded world
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I am a man and I think that video games could have been a much more powerful song with the right voice. Be honest, the girl can't sing.
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Dear Exclaim. I first started coming here in an effort to avoid the trendy Pitchfork-borne artists like Lana Del Rey, James Blake, and (god help me) Odd Future. Please stop reporting on them so much so you can maintain the content that your fans were here for to begin with.
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It amazes me how uncomfortable people are with women who sing in a low voice. I have not seen any reasonable complaint with her performance other than that.
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