'No Can Do' (album stream)

> > Oct 01 2012

Ladyhawk - 'No Can Do' (album stream)
By Gregory AdamsAs previously reported, Vancouver rockers Ladyhawk are back after a four-year absence with their third full-length, No Can Do. While Triple Crown Recordings won't release the album until October 9, you can now check it out in full courtesy of Exclaim!

Described in a press release as "their most assertive and soul-stirring yet," the LP trades in some of the more laid-back, bar-rock-geared elements of the band's older worked for twitchy bubblegum punk ("Rub Me Wrong") and fuzzed-out but doe-eyed anthems ("You Read My Mind"). But the band can still tug at the heartstrings without amps a-blazing, as on psychedelic closer "Eyes of Passion."

As previously reported, No Can Do was recorded at the Hive Creative Labs with Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Cave Singers) with "electro-acoustic help" from Black Mountain/Lightning Dust member Joshua Wells, and was mastered by JeffLipton (Bon Iver, Destroyer, Numero Group)

Ladyhawk are also out on the road this fall, and you can catch their Canadian schedule here.

And of course, check out No Can Do below.

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This is awesome!
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Holy crap. This is great.
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This is incrediballs.
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I've listened to this three times already today! So so good!
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It's. Just. So. Good.
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Finally! Yes!
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They keep getting better and better each record. Preordered it, aggressively hoping they come to SF/Oakland.

Best bands IMO with a similar sound/greatness:

1. Bottomless Pit/Silkworm
2. Les Savy Fav
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fuck. oh yes. fuck.
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no Montreal show this year :(
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Gotta say, front to back, this is a bloody great album. Awesome job done.
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good lord they are fucking amazing
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"My next project is a Ladyhawk cover band" -Phil Collins
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its so good diimabetic now :)
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Ladyhawk forever
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stoked to see them play tomorrow here in victoria

legendary west coast heros
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Good lord, Ladyhawk was amazing last night in Victoria. GO SEE THEM LIVE IF YOU CAN!
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