The Kickdrums

'Follow the Leaders' mixtape

> > Apr 03 2012

The Kickdrums - 'Follow the Leaders' mixtape
By Alex HudsonBrooklyn production duo the Kickdrums are showcasing their signature blend of hip-hop and indie rock in the form of a new mixtape, Follow the Leaders, which you can pick up now as a free download.

Among the notable artists who contributed to the 13 tracks are Freddie Gibbs, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire and DZ Deathrays. The original version of the mixtape also had a cut called "Ridin'" featuring Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky. Unfortunately, the Kickdrums promptly removed that song from the collection and tweeted, "Had to pull the Lana - A$AP track due to label reasons. Song got too big too fast."

They added, "A$AP wants the track for his album. Its as much his and lana's music as it is ours so we have to respect that."

Stream the rest of the songs for free below or download them from

Follow the Leaders:

1. Thieves In The Choir (ft. Casey Veggies)
2. Want My Blood (ft. DZ Deathrays & Rockie Fresh)
3. My Life (ft. Machine Gun Kelly)
4. Naked
5. The Way It Goes (ft. Big Pooh) (Co-Prod. By Anna Yvette)
6. The Last Goodbye (ft. YP)
7. Lights (ft. Rebecca Jordan)
8. Traces
9. Death Wish (ft. Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire & Maluca)
10. Safer Than Heaven
11. Whatever You'd Like (ft. Gilbert Forte) (Co-Prod. By Sk8beatz)
12. Come Come (ft. Hot As Sun & Freddie Gibbs)
13. Come And Go (Alan Wilkis & The KickDrums)

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