July Talk

"Let Her Know" (video)

> > Nov 19 2012

July Talk - "Let Her Know" (video)
By Alex HudsonWe've already become familiar with July Talk's juxtaposition of hard and soft, and now the band are giving us another taste of it by releasing a video for their track "Let Her Know" from their self-titled debut.

The surging song finds raspy growler Peter Dreimanis duetting with the angel-voiced Leah Fay. While some of the band's material delves into rootsy sounds, the driving rhythms and synth riffs give this one a Metric-esque new wave feel. The black and white clip that accompanies it is equal parts solemn and celebratory.

Check out the video for yourself below.

July Talk is out now via White Girl Records.

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Soooo good!!!!!
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peter is like so sexy, like O M G hot, I think I just came a little
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