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'So Many Days' (album stream)

> > Oct 16 2012

Julie Doiron - 'So Many Days' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonSince releasing I Can Wonder What You Did with Your Day in 2009, Julie Doiron has moved between Montreal, Sackville and Toronto, embarking on collaborations with the Wrong Guys (featuring Eamon McGrath and members of Cancer Bats) and Daniel Romano and Fred Squire. Now, she's back with a new album of her own. So Many Days drops on October 23 via Aporia, and you can stream the whole thing now on Exclaim.ca.

The album is the last in a trilogy of discs produced by Doiron's former Eric's Trip bandmate Rick White. Its songs were, fittingly enough, inspired by her many moves and hectic tour schedule.

Stylistically, the album ranges from folksy acoustic numbers like "Homeless" and "Another Second Chance" to electrified cuts like "Last Night I Lay in Bed" to the skeletally sparse "The Only."

Doiron will be promoting her latest album with a Canadian tour this fall. See her schedule here, and hear some of the songs that she'll be playing along the way below.

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all this woman does is wine wine wine.
why does anyone give a sweet sh*t?
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Red or white?
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haha - both.
i meant whine, but wine works too - see "the gambler"
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opening song of last album: life of dreams
closing song of last album: glad to be alive
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amen julie lover
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"julie hater" probably loves nickelback
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hahahahaha yes julie lover
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no sadly i do not like nickelback.
i just don't see the appeal here - her lyrics are terrible.
the album should be called "how many times can julie doiron use the word love on an album"
there is no substance, but it will probably win major awards because the canadian music industry is retarded.
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love this album cover!
and wow! for Cars and Trucks nice surprises there.
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Julie hater totally loves the nickelback...
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Julie hater has never had the chance to express emotions in their life.
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hey julie hater, are you sure you're talking about the right person? you DO know that this chick was in Eric's Trip and has two members of the Cancer Bats in her backing band? not sure how you can think that's whiney. Or maybe, you just have absolutely no fucking clue what you're talking about.
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FYI - eric's trip was long, long ago and the cancer bats are not on this record. julie is lame and so are you for listening to her whine and moan about how hard her love life is. poor little french canadian white girl. hoohum. snooze fest.
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To: Julie Hater
From: Hater of Julie Hater

So, what have you done lately? Got any songs? Any albums? Could you sell out your living room? When was the last time you toured any places besides from your home to Wal-mart?

Happy Festivus!

-Hater of Julie Hater
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I've never been a big fan of Julie's music before, though I started taking a real interest with Woke Myself Up, and think No More is a great pop song. That said, most of this record is really good. The songs are full of feeling, the arrangements are just so full and creative, with subtle flourishes brushed on here there and everywhere. She's never been that good at singing before, but man she sounds great here, warm and relaxed, lots of harmonies, layered and staggered and slathered on. I think Another Second Chance is a perfect little song that feels very country, like a prayer really, that is so expressive of feelings so many people can relate to. I think it's an instant classic. Loving By The Lake, Can't Make It No More, Our Love, and The Gambler too. And Beneath The Leaves is arranged so simply but perfectly that it leaves me aching for something. I'll be playing lots of these tunes on CFMH in the coming weeks for sure.
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christ almighty Julie Doiron is one of the greatest songwriters Canada has ever produced. raw emotion is an extremely welcome component of art for many people - I can understand not aesthetically digging everything she does if you're a totally different person from me, but if you can't imagine what about it appeals to someone else then you're a goon.

go post on an article about music you DO like, you weird negative loser. wine wine wine, that's all julie hater seems to do...
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Nobody can please everybody, so one dissenting opinion isn't a problem. That said, I don't think there's a trace of "whining" on what is an understated, quiet and mature piece of work by Doiron. I like this album a lot.
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Julie Hater seems to hate honesty. Julie Hater seems to love Mitt Romney.
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so some dude listens to a whole album just to get pissed at it? how many times is love used in general in music. Juliehater has love issues methinks. Also, internet ego issues. Nobody cares if you dislike something. People just want to enjoy music and then talk about live performances and neat shit like that. Somebody complaining about an album/artist sounding whiney sure complains alot. Maybe your own emotions are just pulling the only thing they understand from the art.
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this sounds amazing to me! love it. i don't see what's whiney about this at all, haha, i mean those first two songs alone...?? whatev's, seeing her tonight, excited!!
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julie is the one with issues according to brad wheeler at the globe and mail - an album review from a few days ago:
"She sings vulnerability. On the third of three solo records produced by Eric White (her former bandmate in the Moncton-based indie-rock troupe Eric's Trip), Julie Doiron is sometimes in love and sometimes deeply lonely, but always seemingly at risk. Plagued by bouts of malaise and self-doubt, her music is grungy here and finger-picked there, and she sings in the exposed, airy lilt of a Feist or Lissie. While Homeless is a creepy bass-and-voice suicide note, Our Love sweetly jangles. Is she okay? Somebody hug her, or give her a soft bed. In the likable jaunt of By the Lake, she finds serenity, as you might, too. The water sings to her, the grass sings to her, the trees do the same. One wonders how all of this is going to turn out." B.W
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A tremendous album. Been a fan for a long time, and each album from Julie Doiron is a sign that good does win out. Two things: 1. Convince someone to make this album available in the states, and 2. Kindly suggest that she tour across the border, specifically Cincinnati, Ohio.
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This argument can settled easily by listening to the lyrics of the first song Cars and Trucks. Julie is on the side of both the lover and the hater.
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Judging from the horrible iphone ad that i keep getting to the remote too late to fast-forward entirely through, I'd have to agree with Julie Hater. Can't help but feel I'd need a lobotomy before liking it.
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oops the name was supposed to end with "hater." heh.
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