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'The Beautiful Wild' (album stream) / "In the Belly of a Dragon" (video)

> > Sep 17 2012

Jenn Grant - 'The Beautiful Wild' (album stream) / "In the Belly of a Dragon" (video)
By Alex HudsonThe last time Jenn Grant released a full-length, she earned Exclaim!'s Mark of Excellence for her 2011 disc Honeymoon Punch. She's hoping for similar success when she releases the follow-up, The Beautiful Wild, which comes out on September 25 through Six Shooter Records. Until then, you can stream the whole thing on

A press release notes that this disc finds Grant "[following] love's twisted, tangled path deep into the heart's jungle" and getting lost in its "savage and sublime experiences."

This dramatic subject matter is conveyed with "dense, exotic" instrumentation that includes harp, flute and sitar in the album's arrangements. The collection also highlights Grant's singing, as she continues to grow as a vocalist.

Among the guests who contributed to the album are Old Man Luedecke, Rose Cousins, Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!, the Express), David Christensen (the Heavy Blinkers) and the Halifax Boys Honour Choir. To hear what Grant and her collaborators cooked up, listen below.

Also, you can watch the new soft-focus and nature-filled video for the album track "In the Belly of a Dragon," at the bottom of the page.

Grant is touring this fall with Kathleen Edwards and Cuff the Duke, respectively. See her schedule here.

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This album is going to be wonderful! I cannot wait to see Jenn live in Vancouver!
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This album is stunning not only in its musical compositions, but also in its commitment to authenticity and heart within song writing. The beautiful wild is a beautiful achievement.
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Sounds like her best album yet, and that's saying something.
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I cannot stop streaming Jenn Grant's new album "The Beautiful Wild" - great, great, great stuff!
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it's truly amazing
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