Jay Arner

'Jay Arner' (album stream)

> > Jun 17 2013

Jay Arner - 'Jay Arner' (album stream)
By Josiah HughesVancouver pop maestro Jay Arner has finally stepped out from the role of background player and launched a solo career with his debut self-titled album. Mint Records will release the LP on June 25, but you can stream the whole thing here now.

The record, which was recorded by Arner himself, showcases myriad influences and ultimately serves as a perfect introduction to his talents as both a performer and songwriter. Offering hit after hit without ever feeling repetitive, the LP is full of welcome surprises and fantastic pop songs. If you let it, this will be your summer album.

In a recent interview with Exclaim!, Arner explained that while he touches on numerous vintage sounds, he doesn't want anyone to think this is some sort of throwback record.

"A lot of people hear synthesizers and go, 'You're the '80s!' I love New Order but I really consider this modern music. It sounds like a bunch of decades smooshed together in a computer."

Check out Arner's album in full below. For more on the new release, read our interview here, where you'll also find the schedule for his extensive Canadian summer tour.

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Flock of Seagulls? (without the hair:)
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this album sucks
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We love Jay Arner at Weird Canada, too. Both the album (weirdcanada.com) and the single (weirdcanada.com) are great!
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This album rules.
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