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'Health' (album stream)

> > Jul 23 2013

The Heavy Blinkers - 'Health' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonThe Heavy Blinkers have travelled a long road to get to the release of their new album, Health, and now the long-anticipated record is finally here. Ahead of the July 30 release, the entire thing is available to stream ahead of time on

The band began work on the album way back in the spring of 2006. Since then, the lineup has undergone changes, with Jason Michael MacIsaac left as the only founding member still standing. All told, it's been nearly a decade since the Heavy Blinkers released their last album, The Night and I Are Still So Young.

The wartime-themed collection features songs sung by Stewart Legere, Melanie Stone and Jenn Grant, with additional contributions from Sondre Lerche and the High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan.

The record's lush, sprawling sound reflects its drawn-out genesis. It consists of 16 tracks and clocks in at more than hour, and includes choral vocals ("As Long as You Have Your Health), orchestral grandeur ("God Bless Hazel," "Crystal Clear"), tuneful AM pop ("Call It a Day"), and sultry Francophone coos ("Mes Craintes Oubliees").

Soak it all in for yourself below.

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Why don't you just go ahead and impress the F*&% out of me, Blinkers. Welcome back.
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So many Wows on one record. Wow! Simply gorgeous from beginning to end.
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Fantastic new album. Beautiful timeless music
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Guys, thank you SO MUCH for your kind words. These kinds of comments fill our hearts to the brim. Seriously. XO
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Congratulations and Thank You for making a wonderful album from start to end. Can't wait for the album release! Come to play to Spain someday, please! :)
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An album of breathtaking depth and beauty. A proper grown up album, for proper grown up people.
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This is fantastic.. a friend told me to buy tickets to your album release show, and I thought I would check out the music.. great GREAT stuff. I'm glad I live in Hailfax :)
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I heard your interview about this album this afternoon on CBC so I then decided to check out your stuff on Youtube and shit, I find out you've been around for ages and are in the Maritimes at that, as am I. Off to Back Alley Records this week to get what I can of yours, I'm hoping they have it all! Now to find out your gig schedule. Do you ever come to PEI? If not then I guess I'll just have to go to H'fax to see you! Love all the inspirations that I hear in your music. Interested in your mixes, very big sounding, vocals great, instruments clear, theatrical...You must have heard of Rumer, A Girl Called Eddy etc...Am excited to unwrap some CD's this week! Looking forward to more!
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