Florence and the Machine

"Breath of Life" (video)

> > May 14 2012

Florence and the Machine - "Breath of Life" (video)
By Gregory AdamsWe already had a sneak peek of Florence and the Machine's new number "Breath of Life," off the soundtrack for upcoming fantasy flick Snow White and the Huntsman, but the singer is showing off the song some more in a new, movie-clip-assisted video.

The black and white shots of Florence Welch singing in the studio amongst a full choir and symphony seem a little tepid, but that's only compared to the epic and fire-filled battle scenes and milk baths that are cut in between. There's a whole lot of sword play, sorcery, monsters and more spliced into the rest of the clip, which will no doubt help bring many out to the film's June 1 release.

Maybe some people will flock out to Florence and the Machine's upcoming tour dates looking for some cross-promotion in her stage show. It shouldn't be hard to recreate a giant bird transforming into a flock of smaller winged creatures, right?

As previously reported, the Snow White and the Huntsman soundtrack arrives May 29 through Universal.

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