The Flaming Lips

"Think Like a Machine, Not a Boy"

> > Oct 23 2013

The Flaming Lips - "Think Like a Machine, Not a Boy"
By Alex HudsonThe Flaming Lips took a dark turn on their last couple of LPs, but their upcoming Ender's Game-inspired EP Peace Sword is shaping up to be a somewhat brighter affair. The psych rock band have unveiled another cut from the collection, "Think Like a Machine, Not a Boy."

The track features Coyne singing a soft melody over watery, effects-drenched acoustic strumming and a few computerized orchestrations. Hear it below.

Also be sure to check out the sprawling sci-fi epic "Assassin Beetle - The Dream is Ending."

Peace Sword will come out digitally on October 29, with a physical release following on November 29 for Record Store Day's Black Friday event.

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