"November Rain" (Guns 'N Roses cover) (live video)

> > Jan 03 2012

Feist - "November Rain" (Guns 'N Roses cover) (live video)
By Gregory AdamsConsidering her upcoming split with Mastodon, we knew the generally mellow Feist was developing a taste for heavier tunes, but a recent performance in Mexico found the Canadian chanteuse kicking things into overdrive with a rendition of Guns 'N Roses' over-the-top power ballad "November Rain."

Down below you'll see a Slash lookalike, decked out in a grimy plaid shirt and top hat, storming the stage to wail away on the tune's iconic, melodramatic finale while the musician-stacked ensemble that clutters the stage belts out the song's familiar refrain of "Don't ya think that you need somebody?/Don't ya think that you need someone?" What's Feist doing as this all goes down, you ask? Well, that's her at the back of the stage, whacking the shit out of a giant piņata. Check out the zaniness below.

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