Every Time I Die

'From Parts Unknown' (album stream)

> > Jun 16 2014

Every Time I Die - 'From Parts Unknown' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonPunk-metal warriors Every Time I Die won't be releasing their album From Parts Unknown for another two weeks, but fans don't have to wait a moment longer to hear the whole thing, as it's streaming online now.

The band recorded the album with Kurt Ballou of Converge at his Godcity Studio in Salem, MA. During the recording sessions, the band stayed at a reputedly haunted house near the studio.

"At a time when a lot of bands are going for a more crowd-friendly sound, we wanted to go in the opposite direction," frontman Keith Buckley said in a statement. "Instead of making something that the kids can all sing along to, we wanted to make music that scares them."

Well, mission accomplished. These 12 songs are punishingly loud, with pummelling rhythms, fiercely distorted guitars and larynx-abusing screams. Opening cut "The Great Secret" is particularly punishing, as is "If There Is Room to Move, Things Move." Even when "Moor" begins quietly, this turns out to be a bluff.

Hear it all below. The album is due out on July 1 on Epitaph.

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