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'Young Canadians' (album stream)

> > Mar 27 2012

Eamon McGrath - 'Young Canadians' (album stream)
By Sarah MurphyToronto-based singer-songwriter Eamon McGrath is set to release his new album Young Canadians on April 10 via White Whale Records. We've already seen the video for the single "Great Lakes," and now you can get in on the album early, as it's streaming in full at Exclaim.ca.

Young Canadians marks the follow-up to 2010's Peace Maker, and as the title indicates, it's a little piece of patriotism. Inspired by events like Terry Fox's death and Sidney Crosby's gold medal goal, the album draws from these "collective experiences."

McGrath says, "This record's about those things and the experiences I've had being Canadian and trying to figure out what about this country defines it."

Ranging from softer melodic folk to punk-fuelled rock'n'roll, Young Canadians shows growth and range from the Edmonton-born musician, with the songs being filled with tales of "lovers, regrets, secrets, guitars, alcohol, ghosts, dive bars, and motels." It also just may be one of the finest slices of Canadiana to be released this year.

In support of Young Canadians, McGrath will be taking the new material on the road for a Canadian tour, and you can see his dates right here. And of course, listen to Young Canadians below.

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excellent !
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I hope Polaris judges are paying attention!
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If you dig, Pre-Orders for the LP are available here! whitewhale.ca
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What a fantastic album !!!! This coming out soon ?
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wow. This guy is good. Pain of Love rocks.
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Just listened again. Saskatoon, SK is epic!! See you when you tour out west.
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Jesus Christ.
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Dude, this is some great shit. Get the work out on this album. Rocks.
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Auditorium is the tune
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This will be the best album of 2012...I can tell already.
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So many great tunes.

Great Lakes
Pain of Love
...and on and on.

Great album. I need to buy this sucker !
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