Die Antwoord

"Fatty Boom Boom" (video)

> > Oct 16 2012

Die Antwoord - "Fatty Boom Boom" (video)
By Alex HudsonWe've gotten used to seeing crazy music videos from South African shock rappers Die Antwoord, and their latest clip is no exception. They have now released a characteristically bizarre video for their track "Fatty Boom Boom" from this year's TEN$ION.

The clip shows a Lady Gaga lookalike going on a tongue-and-cheek tour of Cape Town, South Africa. She sees lions, panthers, hyenas, and, of course, Die Antwood performing at on the sidewalk. While the faux-Gaga flees from gun-wielding muggers, the brightly painted rappers perform the song.

We won't spoil the ending for you, but things don't turn out too well for the Gaga lookalike (which figures, considering Die Antwood's scornful comments about the singer). It's pretty unsavoury, so you might want to avoid watching this at work.

TEN$ION is out now on ZEF Records.

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Die Antwoord are f'n amazing! There is no one out there that seem as passionate about their music as these guys. Keep these awesome tracks coming!
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this is johannesburg not Cape Town!
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wow this is super racist
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It's obvious you love Lady Gagga, and why wouldn't you. She offered you 'popularity'. Your imitation of Lady Gagga, will continue to make her more acceptable to the general public. And, at the end of the day a band lives or dies by the morals they preach. I wish you well, but I fear you've tied a noose round your own necks by taking this unusual stance to a helping hand. Dog Bites Hand That Feeds Him, comes to mind!!! Sorry!!!
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