"I Ejaculate Fire"

> > Aug 31 2012

Dethklok - "I Ejaculate Fire"
By Gregory AdamsAnimated metal troupe Dethklok will deliver their third full-length effort, the appropriate, if obviously titled Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum III, October 16. If you're a huge fan, you've probably already heard the bulk of the set from snippets presented in Metalocalypse's third and fourth seasons. You can, however, now get a taste of the studio version of the brutal album track "I Ejaculate Fire."

The song originally appeared in the 2009 episode "Deathhealth" and starts off with an old-school record crackle before blistering through the speakers with high-flying guitar histrionics. Lead singer Nathan Explosion (aka Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small), gargles demonically on the cut while Pickles' (aka drummer Gene Hoglan) double kick goes into overdrive behind the melodic twin-guitar attack.

As a side note, chances are if you're spouting flames out of the pee hole, you should get yourself an STI check stat.

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Fucking amazing, and every thing I hope it would sound like, best band on the planet!!!!
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