The Daredevil Christopher Wright

'The Nature of Things' (album stream)

> > Jun 18 2012

The Daredevil Christopher Wright - 'The Nature of Things' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonEarlier this spring, Wisconsin folkies the Daredevil Christopher Wright signed with Vancouver's File Under: Music and announced plans to release the LP The Nature of Things. That album's June 26 release date is almost upon us, and you can get an early taste of the collection by streaming the entire thing at

The trio have classical voice training, and you'll hear evidence of it in their vocal harmonies as they sing songs about everything from divorce to drug addiction to death. Of the new songs, singer-guitarist Jon Sunde explained in a statement, "We made an intentional effort to focus and tighten the writing. To try to confine the arrangements to elements that the three of us could perform."

These stripped-down tunes were recorded by Patrick Stolley, the recording engineer who helped to launch Daytrotter. This is the group's sophomore album, as it follows the 2009 debut In Deference to a Broken Back. Take a listen below.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright are touring this summer and playing a couple of festival dates in Canada. See the schedule here.

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