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'Birthmarks' (album stream)

> > Apr 08 2013

Born Ruffians - 'Birthmarks' (album stream)
By Alex HudsonIt's only been half a year since Luke Lalonde released his solo album, but the busy songwriter is already back with his Born Ruffians and on April 16 will release Birthmarks through Paper Bag Records. Until then, you can stream the album in full on

The songs were written over the course of three years, some originating as Lalonde's laptop demos and others arranged at an Ontario farmhouse. The band then took these demos to Roger Leavens (Woodhands, the Rural Alberta Advantage) and recorded the songs at Toronto's Boombox Sound.

The tracks include the tropically chiming "With Her Shadow" and the Fleet Foxes/Shins-flavoured "Needle." Bassist Mitch DeRosier said in a statement, "We don't want to tell you about what we think we sound like. We can tell you that this record will sound different. These songs lived with us, toured with us, got drunk with us and made our ears ring. Now, we get to hit the road and start making your ears ring."

Make your ears ring by streaming Birthmarks below, and check out Exclaim!'s newly published interview with the band here.

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Jesus christ this is good
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Is there a way to control the volume? Even with my speakers at their lowest it's really damn loud. But yeah, incredible album.
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Just let me buy this album already!!
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This is Awesome
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holy mother of whatever. this album fucking rocks.
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YeeeeSSSSSSSSSSSS! I will buy. I must BUY!
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Ocean's Deep. Wow. I don't think I'll ever be sick of that song.
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This is so good, I need a shower!
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Can't see feed anymore :(
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Is it me or is this alum reflecting tons of other contemporaries to Born Ruffians?

I'm already hearing Fleet Foxes, Paul Thomas Saunders & Ra Ra Riot, and that's just the things I recognise straight off.

I feel like Needle sounds brilliant, but the rest I'm a bit unsure of on first taste, will have to listen closer another time.
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Someone who loves Born Ruffians told me she thinks this album is more palatable. Namely the first track. What do you think about this?
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