'Bushcraft' (album stream)

> > Feb 19 2013

Baptists - 'Bushcraft' (album stream)
By Gregory AdamsBaptists' Bushcraft has been in the works for quite some time, but the Vancouver doomsayers are finally ready to let loose their positively devastating full-length debut. The LP hits stores today (February 19) via Southern Lord, and you can hear the 11-song crusher in full now via

As previously reported, the song cycle was tracked with Converge guitarist/producer Kurt Ballou at his GodCity Studio in Salem, MA. This was the second time the band attempted to record the tracks, and the final results are furious.

Just check "Think Tank Breed," a whip-crack thrash attack against the working world, or the demonic riff-slinging of "Bullets" for proof. Stick around for the band to stomp your skull straight into a boggy depot on gloomy metal-blues number "Soiled Roots," while you're at it.

Baptists toast their LP with a record release party at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret on February 28. Tour dates are expected later this year.

You can also learn more about the record by reading Exclaim!'s newly published interview with the band here.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.
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Fucking awesome... Nick on the drums... killing it
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You have no idea how badly you need to hear this!! Instant Classic
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Great record!!!!
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vocalist is weak
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This record is incredible! Vocals are great as well. You are wrong.
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agreed, vocals need to step it the %$#@ up! cmon
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Baptists rulezz!!!
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who recorded this ??
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Seriously? Read the article...
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Vocals are my favourite part! Blood thirsty rage, plus his live show is out of control.
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live vocals are just bad. this sounds like watered down converge. pass
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Hey someone found a bunch of unreleased Converge b-sides! If I were Kurt Ballou, I would raise an eyebrow to some of these riffs.

Super rad and pummelling while being completely and utterly forgettable.
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the drums are pretty interesting. no generic blast beats or overwhelming double bass typical of modern aggressive music. that being said, like previous comments mention, this is super derivative of converge. its like rejected or ripped off ballou riffs with a poor man's colohan wheezing over top. won't listen to this again
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sounds awsome, sounds like cursed
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