"Heatwave" (video)

> > Jan 17 2012

Backburner - "Heatwave" (video)
By Sarah MurphyToronto Canadian hip-hop collective Backburner have dropped a new video for the track "Heatwave." We may be well into winter weather now, but the song and video are channelling some incredibly summery vibes.

The group consists of MCs Thesis, Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, Chokeules and Jay Bizzy, with a beat courtesy of Timbuktu. The clip was directed by 3:AM Design.

Backburner are currently holding a remix contest for the aforementioned track, which is also the title cut from Backburner's latest record, out now on Hand'Solo Records.

Catch the hip-hop collective at their upcoming Toronto show on February 2 at Rancho Relaxo and watch the new video for "Heatwave" below.

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Not from Toronto! The crew originated in Halifax and now its membership is spread from St. John's, NL, to the wild woods of British Columbia. Much the way Wu-Tang records don't have every member on every song, I want to mention that other members of Backburner who appear on the album but not this track are Ghettosocks, Ambition, Psybo, Uncle Fester, Johnny Hardcore, Fresh Kils, More or Les, Dexter Doolittle, MisterE, ginzu333, MC Frank Deluxe and Man Alive.
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