B.A. Johnston

'Mission Accomplished' (album stream)

> > Aug 26 2013

B.A. Johnston - 'Mission Accomplished' (album stream)
By Matthew RitchieIt's been less than two years since modern-day folk troubadour B.A. Johnston released his last album, but the retro-inspired rocker is back at it again with the 17-track Mission Accomplished, which you can stream in full ahead of its September 3 release through Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

Continuing in the tradition laid out in his previous eight records, Mission Accomplished delves into the seedy underbelly of the Canadian touring circuit by waxing metaphorical about Canuck coffee shops ("As I Am in Tim Hortons, I Realize I Hate Tim Hortons"), waiting for tax breaks ("GST Cheque"), and getting stranded in the Ottawa Valley ("Straight Outta Cobden").

Check out B.A. Johnston's upcoming tour dates here, and listen to Mission Accomplished in its entirety in the player below.
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The sound no worky
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This album is amazing.
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I can't wait to get a copy of this. There are so many awesome songs on this album!
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