Andrew W.K.

"It's Time to Party" (video)

> > Aug 16 2012

Andrew W.K. - "It's Time to Party" (video)
By Gregory AdamsBeloved party rocker Andrew W.K. is celebrating the tenth anniversary of his I Get Wet album with a super-fancy, deluxe-edition reissue. The dude's not just relying on you to look up old videos on YouTube to promote the set, though. Witness, if you will, the gleefully stupid new video for album opener "It's Time to Party."

The video sums up the scenarios in which it's appropriate to party (spoiler: it's any scenario). You can watch W.K. get friendly with a cop, pour laundry detergent down a lady's throat, spike a dentist's patient with a syringe, and get wild with a colony of clones in the clip below. We also find out a round at the driving range is to blame for the LP's bloody album artwork.

You'll note there are two versions of the video at the bottom of the page, one with the fist-pumping synth-and-guitars piece, and one that only features sound effects. When paired with W.K.'s grinning mug, the latter video's onomatopoeic grunting, crappy piano playing and cash till bleeps are surprisingly entertaining, even without the heart-racing score.

As previously reported, the I Get Wet reissue arrives August 28 through Century Media.

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