Max Tannone

Dub Kweli

> > Aug 30 2010

Max Tannone - Dub Kweli
By Josiah HughesAs much as we want to move on from mash-ups, there are a handful of producers who keep revitalizing the concept. Most recently, (500) Days of Weezy took us by surprise with its cohesion and quality. Now, producer Max Tannone has mashed Talib Kweli's rhymes over some classic reggae tracks for Dub Kweli.

Tannone is no stranger to the mash-up, having worked a similar idea with Mos Dub, as well as his Radiohead x Jay-Z project called Jaydeohead. On this record, Kweli's rhymes work well with the laid-back reggae backbeats, resulting in the exact balance of hip-hop and groove that Nas and Damian Marley's 2010 album should have featured. It's coming a little late in the summer, but Dub Kweli will definitely brighten up your fall.

Download the Dub Kweli record via Tannone's SoundCloud page or stream it below.

Dub Kweli by Max Tannone
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