3 Inches Of Blood

'Long Live Heavy Metal' (album stream)

> > Mar 23 2012

3 Inches Of Blood - 'Long Live Heavy Metal' (album stream)
By Sarah MurphyAt long last, BC-based metal juggernauts 3 Inches of Blood are returning with the follow-up to 2009's Here Waits Thy Doom with the defiantly titled Long Live Heavy Metal. The new LP arrives March 26 via Century Media, but you can give it a listen right now here at Exclaim.ca.

The new record is the fifth for the hard-rocking group and was produced by Terry "Sho" Murray. In a statement about Long Live Heavy Metal, vocalist Cam Pipes said, "All of us have a special feeling about this one. We're more committed than ever to the cause of real, honest, no bullshit heavy metal. No trends, no fucking around!"

According to a recent press release, the 12 tracks on the album will deliver "an explosion of sound, setting new standards for classic heavy metal." Find out what the new stuff sounds like for yourself by streaming Long Live Heavy Metal below.

As previously reported, 3 Inches of Blood are in the midst of a North American tour. You can see all the dates here. And if you like what you hear below, pre-order Long Live Heavy Metal here

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.
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Thank you 3IOB. Stuff like this helps forget about the 90's.
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yep, "Look Out" has to be about Dio. :P
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You guys are spot f*cking on for streaming this! I cant WAIT to see the Blood in Edmonton!
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i shat myself
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Too cool for words---
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sucks ass!
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It only took me two listens, and I am hooked. This is what I will be listening to for the next few months.
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Fuckin' excellent!
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Soooooooo much better than "Here Waits Thy Doom". That album was a complete let down after a masterpiece like "Fire Up The Blades".
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Storming Juno is incredibly brutal!
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A wild Dio tribute appears!
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These guys are Killer live!! Fire up the Blades is still my favorite album of theirs. This album is a step up from their last.
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A True headbangers orgasm!
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